Handmade Candles and Candle Holders

ArtWax Candle Store, where most candles sell under $20!

Many of our novelty candle gift sets sell under $10. If you are looking for discounted candles, please check out our Specials section where you can find end of season or close out candle deals.

Browse the different themed candle gift sets. You will find your perfect candle for any special occasion. May I point out our great stylish candle holders? A nice candle holder will show off your candle even better.

We feature the full assortment of our ArtWax and Sensual Living Brand Candles and candle accessories right here on our retail web site, but please check out your local retailers as well. If they don't carry ArtWax already, ask for it! I hope you enjoy our candles and find them great as gifts too.

Happy Candle Shopping...

Daniel Spiess
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