Handmade Candles and Candle Holders

Handmade Candles

Handmade candles in the form of Apple, Pear and Square pillars. Every candle is individually hand formed, they are NOT made in a a candle mold. ArtWax apple, pear and square pillar candles are a piece of candle making art. They incorporate form and function. All our very decorative candles burn very well too.

Can you picture these candles on your dining room table as a centerpiece? They are very decorative and functional too. These candles make a great gift for somebody special with taste! There is just something estetically pleasing about the apple and pear shapes. Pears especially have become a hot trend in the home decor industry.

About the Candle Making Process:

Every candle is individually hand formed under a heating lamp while the wax is still warm and formable. The apple pear and vegetable candles have a very interesting finish. There are lines and little bubbles in the wax. This is due to the hand forming process. The candle wax is formed and stretched by hand while the paraffin is still hot.

The candles are colored all the way through. High quality cotton wicks are used. Yes, our wicks are red. They are pre dipped in red wax. This is done so we can insert the wick after the candle artists are done shaping the candles. A needle gets pushed through the candle and the wick is inserted at the end. The red wick gives the candles a nice finishing touch, kind of our signature look.

If you look closely, you might even find a fingerprint on the candle surface, what better proof of a real handmade, hand signed candle? Every candle is slightly different and therefore a unique candle master piece.

All these Fruit Shaped candles have great burn times and burn quality.

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