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ArtWax Wholesale Candle Company

We specialize in unique handmade Candles and Candle Holders

This website is for you, the Gift Shop and Store Owner or Corporate Buyer who is looking for a different, creative candle line.

You may have noticed already, we are not your everyday candle company. We offer you an opportunity. Great colors and shapes that make a statement in your store and everybody's home.

You might be surprised by how many candles you will sell if you merchandise them nicely. Use your creativity, make a grat display and you shall see the reaction of your customers. Especially our Apples and Pears will draw a great deal of attention if displayed on any of our candle holders.

We know you have a lot of choices in the wholesale candle sector and finding truly unique candles is a challenge. We cater to the small to mid sized retailer that needs visually appealing merchandise that make a statement. You want your returning customer to notice. Your visitors need a reason why to come back to your store. ArtWax candles offer an opportunity to set yourself apart. We hope you will give our handformed candles a try. 

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We specialize in distributing Wholesale Candle Holders and Wholesale Candles.